About me

Yanic B. Möller
Working Student - Computational Linguistics

In 2019 I am completing my bachelor's degree in Computational Linguistics. Afterwards I want to earn a master's degree in CL or a related field. My long term goal is to become an NLP engineer.

Throughout my studies I have worked as a freelancer. I'm used to working with confidential data, a task I have always fulfilled conscientiously. Apart from that I have a considerable interest in learning about new technologies.

Below you can find information about my education and some of the work experience I've had so far. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to message me!

B.Sc. Computational Linguistics
Oct. 2015 - Now
University of Munich

Currently I am pursuing a degree in Computational Linguistics. Since I almost earned my degree I know about the currently relevant aspects of this scientific field.

Work Experience
Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm
Dec. 2017 - Now
  • At first I learned all the basics of working with Salesforce: processing leads, merging contacts, creating reports, finding duplicates, etc.
  • After a while I recognized that some of these tasks can be automated. I came up with a Python script to automatically guess a customer's gender with an accuracy of >87%. Invalid data was ignored.
  • Another script I wrote was to automatically add zip codes, given a correct address.
  • Currently I am working on a more complex system to find duplicates.
Rundschau Verlag
May 2017 - Jan. 2018
  • My main task was to restore old magazine articles from the 1930s that were in poor condition. I extracted most of the included texts using OCR methods. The respective illustrations were enhanced using GIMP. Afterwards they looked as good as new.
  • Besides I created a website to calculate dress sizes. A person's measurements were taken as an input and the most suitable dress size was returned. The calculator was created using JavaScript.
I am well acquainted with most aspects of Python as I use it on a daily basis. I'm always interested in learning about new concepts and frameworks. The frameworks I have worked with so far include: NLTK, spaCy, Keras, scikit-learn, Flask, Numpy, BeautifulSoup
In the past I have created a variety of websites, therefore I am very comfortable with using HTML and CSS.
The issues a Salesforce user is confronted with on a daily basis I can easily solve. Besides I am familiar with Salesforce Development.
JavaScript & JSON
I know the basics of JavaScript and a bit about Node.js and NPM. One of the frameworks I have tried my hands at is Ionic.
I'm familiar with developing efficiently on a Linux system and the terminal.
Version control is an important part of working in a team.
This is the only low level language I have ever worked with. As Python is becoming more relevant I shifted my focus on Python. I enjoyed working with C++ and plan on learning more about this language in the near future.